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Ceramica Love \\ Wedding in Patras, Greece

Wedding in Patra Greece


There are people you love from the first time you meet them. Thanos falls into this category.


Because his choices are proportional to his quality, Thanos has found a worthy match who is none other than Eleni.

Eleni came into his life to take many elements from him and essentially sculpt them as if creating an art form within their relationship just like with ceramics.

Their first trip was to Hydra, a beautiful island full of historic buildings and adorned with beautiful bougainvillea. It was there and then that they spent magically unforgettable moments and vowed never to let go of each other's hand...

Two years later their grand wedding took place in a private mansion, full of beautiful flowers and bougainvillea, within an atmosphere rare by Greek standards.

CINEMATOGRAPHY WEDbyART WEDDING VENUE Villa Grecorama WEDDING DRESS Anthi Kardara GROOM'S SUIT Nikolaos Lotsaris ANTIQUE CAR Ioannis Nikolopoulos HORSE CAR Farma Keravnos SPECIAL THANKS Achaia Clauss

FLOWERS Oneiropagida CATERING Villa Peinakothiki VIOLIN K.Lakri. SAXOPHONE Dionysis Mouzakis DJ & SOUND Ixitiki Soundline MAKEUP ARTIST Effie Pitsiava HAIR STYLIST Georgia Karapapa


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