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George & Tonia // Monemvasia, Greece

Tonia and George were meant to meet each other back in 2010 at Tonia's birthday party, through a common friend. Conversations about Greece connected them as Tonia lived there for a year as a child and George's parents were Greek. nine years later, they became husband and wife in this beautiful country, with guests from all over the world.

David & Maria // Kyllini, Greece

David and Maria, decided to have their wedding at  Vigla Village Hotel in Kyllini. Kyllini is the main station of those who want to visit the island of Kefalonia and Zakynthos. In the foothills of the Castel Tornese, relatives and friends from all over the world gathered to celebrate their wedding of these two wonderful people. 

Tony & Lily // London, England

One April afternoon three years ago Tony and Lily was meant to meet each other and since that day they love every minute spending together.

Their marriage took place at the amazing Landmark Hotel in the heart of London, just one day before New Year’s Eve, with family and friends from all over the world.





Everyone has a different relationship type,

a different story to be told.

We love to travel, meet new people and film their greatest emotions. 

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