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Alex & Nefeli Wedding in Sifnos, Greece

Wedding in Sifnos Greece

Sifnos Greece

Wedding in Sifnos Greece


The island's rich clay veins, sunny weather and temperature have made Sifnos a capital of pottery in the Aegean, with unique jars and pots that are a "trademark" of the island. They are typical of the Sifnian everyday life, such as ashtrays, cooking and food vessels, "masteles", "foufoudes" (kind of chimneys) etc. Locally, 'Sifnios' was a variant word for potter. The oldest potteries were found in central regions such as Artemon and Ano Petali to avoid pirate attacks.

Alex and Nefeli met a long time ago at a mutual friend’s party. It was then that Alex saw Nefeli for the first time and without wasting time he decided to talk to her. They both knew what was going to happen after spending a rather funny night together.

Immediately after, they were given the opportunity to go out on a regular date and they have been together ever since.

Having visited the enchanting island of Sifnos two years ago, where Nefeli's mother comes from, they decided to have their wedding here with friends and relatives who flew from America, the Netherlands and other countries of the world.

Wedding in Sifnos

Sifnos at night

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